Great schools thrive because of the great people in them

We pride ourselves in being a great place to work, providing a supportive culture with opportunities to:

  • grow and develop your career;
  • achieve a healthy work life balance; and
  • to be recognised for the great work you do  

We continually strive to create a community where all our staff and students feel understood, valued and sense of belonging.  


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Working for us

In all our schools we hold the unwavering belief that high quality teaching is the most important lever we have to improve outcomes for our young people. In fact, it is not just our belief, it is a well-evidenced fact.

Research from the Education Endowment Foundation informs us that the effects of high-quality teaching are significant for all pupils. However, for those young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, this is vital.

‘Ensuring every teacher is supported in delivering high-quality teaching is essential to achieving the best outcomes for all pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged among them’. 
The Education Endowment Foundation (2022)

We have a resolute focus on developing the quality of education in all of our schools. This means that we work together in the pursuit of the highest quality teaching and educational support. We all learn each day, and, together, we all seek to improve each day.

All our schools have their own impressive CPD curriculum that is high quality, evidence-led and innovative.  However, to support our staff, we come together as a collaborative learning community, with a strong culture of professional development and mutual support across the whole Trust.

To lead this collaboration we have a number of Learning Communities that access emerging educational research, engage with national initiatives and coordinate the dissemination and debate in all our schools. These learning communities and networks ensure that our schools work collaboratively to make the most of our wealth of specialist staff, provide development opportunities and enable us to build connections across the schools, so that colleagues can regularly communicate, collaborate and innovate. 

These currently include: 

  • Curriculum Networks: These are established in all subject areas across schools in the Trust. They enable high quality subject specific CPD and collaborative working across the subject teams to support continuous improvement and workload. 
  • Quality of Education: A forum enabling the highest quality of CPD and to enable engagement with emerging educational research. This supports the  culture of continuous improvement and collaboration in pursuit of inclusive high quality teaching across our schools. 
  • SEND: The strength of special and mainstream schools within the Prospere Learning Trusts makes in a dynamic professional learning environment to ensure that our schools are truly comprehensive and inclusive. The Trust Director of SEND leads this group to enable across school support and innovation. 
  • Literacy: The Trust Director of Literacy leads this network to provide high quality literacy CPD, and consider emerging research to ensure that our schools have an ambitious reading culture and outstanding practice in all areas of literacy. Strong links are established with the Oracy 21 strategy, the Research School Network and the EEF.  
  • Learning Behaviours: This Learning Community works across to schools to explore, share best practice and provide training on the design and implementation of an inclusive education. Together they shape how we identify and remove barriers to good learning behaviours for vulnerable students
  • Wellbeing: All schools in our Trust hold wellbeing awards, demonstrating a commitment to Wellbeing Charters and work life balance support. The Trust network enables school staff to continually improve this provision to support the robust physical and mental health and wellbeing for all staff.
  • Community of Belonging: The Prospere Learning Trust has a well-deserved reputation of for inclusivity. We are proud that our schools celebrate diversity, and promotes equality and equity. The Community of Belonging Learning Community proactively works with staff, students and stakeholders to implement a programme of education and action, through which all members  support a sense of belonging and become active citizens within their own communities and the wider world. 
  • Numeracy: Schools have developed a working parties to explore when key mathematical functions and skills are taught across the curriculum in all subjects and review how consistent this teaching is across subjects. This has developed into a Trust Numeracy Policy and CPD support.  
  • Safeguarding: The Trust Safeguarding Lead provides a forum from Designated safeguarding leads and deputies to support best and next practice.


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